My full moon

And today he is away
The curtains showing him the way
Alone in a new cocoon
Out looking at the moon

She in a different horizon
In the thoughts of her full moon
A charming curve on her face
Her heart beating apace

Day or night, drizzle or snow
Far or close, now she always know
For the beat of her heart can only slow
When her moon shines bright to make her eyes glow



Boisterous, naughty and uncontrollable is his nature. He break pots, steal butter and yet make sure that he is everyone’s most beloved kid. Even with the pranks he play, nobody dislikes him. And this weekend the city is all set to celebrate the birthday of their most loved and favourite child, little Krishna.

Poompuhar, lying in the heart of city, is where cute Krishna Kanhaiya is waiting for you to pick him up and make him part of your family. “Everyone considers Krishna as a boy of their family or neighbourhood and that is the reason why people from all religions come here to buy these figurines and that we have kept a sale during the season of Janmashtami” says Selvi, staff at Poompuhar. Poompuhar is a unit of The Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development Corporation, a Govt. of Tamilnadu undertaking. They have been in this field for past 35 years and selling handicrafts at an affordable price.

The scent of the shop itself is divine. As you open the glass door which is the entrance to the shop, you are greeted with a miniature sculpture of Krishna, positioned pleasantly between two elegant temple lamps with a metal carved bell hanging from each of them. It’s a matter of doubt whether one will notice its beauty at that glance, because your eye would already have fallen in love with the polished blue sculptures of Kanhaiya. All you need to do is to select the kind of figurine. There is a choice from paper mesh and plaster of Paris figures to sandal wood sculptures that costs up to rupees seventy five thousand.

Different figures of little Krishna made of brass, marble, silver (white metal) and Panchaloha is also included among the exhibits. In each type there is a different pose for little master – lying on a banyan leaf, eating the stolen ghee, playing his flute or posing with his beloved Radha. Radha- Krishna figures are available in marble as well as fibre, with glass cover and stone embedded.

A very vibrant shop assistant Radhika says, “We put up an exhibition every year. This is the peak time when NRI customers come in and the ‘Navarathri festival’ begins. When Navarathri begins, we set temporary stalls in front of the shop so as to maintain smooth service for the customers.” The most moving item is the statuette of Sri Krishna and lamps she said. They are also conducting similar exhibitions at Thrichur and Palghat districts in Kerala.

Apart from the statues of Krishna, the shop also contains a variety of other handicrafts like Thanjavur Paintings, Pith Products, Cut Glass, Batik Prints Products, Kalamkari Prints Products, Stone Carvings, Korai Mats, Appliqué Work Products, Sandal Wood Products, Sandal Garlands, temple jewellery and even semi-precious stones. Quality of products is more important than the rate and so the customers are satisfied, says Selvi.

 The staff at Poompuhar is awaiting for the Navarathri season which would begin on the first week of September. During Navatathri, figurines of all Gods and Godesses would be on demand.